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Hemophilia Patients Show Poor Oral Hygiene, Study Reports

December 27, 2018
by Patricia Inacio, Hemophilia News Today

Oral hygiene among children and adults with severe hemophilia is poorer than in healthy controls, a single-center study suggests.

The study, “Oral hygiene and dentition status in children and adults with hemophilia: A case–control study,” was published in the journal Special Care Dentistry.

Dental care is a health concern often neglected by patients with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders due to fear of the risks associated with dental intervention.

In this study, authors assessed the oral health and dentition status of patients with hemophilia and compared it with age-matched healthy individuals. Moreover, they investigated the reasons for fear of dental treatment.

They carried out an oral examination on 100 male patients with hemophilia, with a mean age between 2 and 71 years old, and 100 age-matched healthy participants used as controls recruited at a single center.

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