Heroic Dentistry: Asperger’s Syndrome and Special Care with ACTIVA

The Heroic Dentistry series celebrates oral health care providers who, like PULPDENT founder Dr. Harold Berk, have made it their mission to save teeth and help patients live in comfort and smile with confidence.

Rachel has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and was referred to me for comprehensive dental care. She has acute anxiety around dental treatment, which can escalate into a panic attack. We faced the challenge of allaying her fears, keeping her calm, while operating smoothly and uneventfully.

Rachel was experiencing considerable discomfort. Her lower left second molar (#18) had extensive caries and appeared hopeless, but she was still young, and I wanted to try and salvage this tooth for her (Figure 1). Endodontic treatment on her first molar (#19) had been performed successfully at another office, but she had not returned to her dentist to have the tooth restored.

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