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‘I Just Want It To End’: Dental Hygienist Who Lost License For Treating His Wife Speaks Out

September 27, 2019
by CTV News

A former Guelph dental hygienist who lost his licence after treating his wife is fighting for change.

Alexandru Tanase lost his licence on Sept. 9 after a years-long case into his conduct following a complaint to the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario. He’s also been labelled as a sexual abuser by the college.

The reason: he had a sexual relationship with a patient. The problem: the patient was his fiancée, and there are laws preventing hygienists from having sexual relationships with a patient.

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5 Comments » for ‘I Just Want It To End’: Dental Hygienist Who Lost License For Treating His Wife Speaks Out
  1. Elaine says:

    As an RDH myself, my heart goes out to Alexandru and his wife. There was a time – not that long ago, I might add – when we were able to treat spouses as we were going through clinical practice in college. I understand that Alexandru was treating a dental phobic when he treated her. What better way to show love, as well as promote a healthy smile and lifestyle!
    While I understand the potential for sexual abuse of a client, this takes the situation too far and brings it out of control. I feel that this policy needs to be revisited.

    • Jessie Blinn says:

      I couldn’t agree more!! This is absurd and does not fall into the Sex Abuse category. The college should be ashamed of itself!!! I would sue for Defamation!!

  2. Doug says:

    I agree that the sexual abuse is excessive and may have taken this too far but as for breaking the rules one person once said “ignorance of the law is no excuse” the rules are rules. Also as for the 35000. for legal fees and a go fund me that is a nice idea but what the general public probably doesn’t know is that most hygienist are paid between a low of 30./hr and a high of over $40./hr so from the general publics point of view hygienist’s are rich beyond most everybody… I don’t think this is about changing a policy but more about getting caught so lets change the policy…

  3. william amirault says:

    it appears here that the cdho has applied parts of the law to a situation where the law itself does not apply, furthermore it has applied the law to prohibit a patients access to care. clearly the law is to prevent a person of authority (the hygienist in this case) from using the position to obtain inappropriate conduct (abuse). the spousal relationship set the precedent for the law to be not relevant in this case. the law was never intended to redirect a spousal relationship or inhibit access to care. the wording of the law itself has been abused here. its like giveing a bird a photo radar ticket for flying too fast!

  4. June Smith says:

    Terrible terrible terrible. Define sexual abuse?? Why on earth would someone accuse him of sexual abuse. Then every person in dentistry treating their spouse is also guilty. This is ridiculous. Laws of sexual abuse are those of inappropriate behavior on a client patient. Waste of government money to proceed. Insanity.

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