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Indigenous Services Canada Working with First Nations to Improve Dental Services

June 23, 2021
by Gary Rinne, Tbnewswatch

The federal government is speaking out for the first time about allegations it has failed to provide adequate dental services to First Nations in the Sioux Lookout region.

Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) issued a statement Monday evening in response to charges last week by the Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority (SLFNHA) and area Chiefs that government inaction has created a dental crisis.

The federal department said it’s working with First Nations, SLFNHA, other health partners and Ontario to support and improve dental services.

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1 Comment » for Indigenous Services Canada Working with First Nations to Improve Dental Services
  1. Sharon says:

    All I can say is…….
    as a CDA (certified dental assistant) of aboriginal decent the system has been inadequate since it’s inception. As a dental professional that understands the importance of access for basic care, I Find the national first Nations system extremely inadequate in providing basic care, it is extremely difficult to navigate and the “professionals” on the providing end are, for the most part, condescending and confrontational. Not to mention the whole system is designed to make access to dental care so difficult that the appropriate treatment is most often too little too late. The system is not designed to help .. it is designed to make access so complicated that a client becomes overwhelmed with bureaucracy and discouraged they give up and fundamentally First Nations people’s are unable to access the basics of dental health care service . A lot of First Nations communities do not even has access to basic dental care. Remote nations do not have reliable access to dental(or even basic medical care) and the majority of urban and sub urban dental providers do not subscribe to NIHB.
    First Nations people have been marginalized far too long …. It is such a tragedy that it took the hundreds of lives of residential school children of my parents and grandparents generation to bring it to light.
    I am thankful that British Columbia has taken the step to ensure bc First Nations have access to basic mainstream dental care. But regrettably it is still not enough to ensure adequate care. There is still a large gap in basic coverage
    Too many First Nations people are still not able access a dental health care provider for even the most basic or emergent of care. By time they are able to actually access care it is often times too late to save dentional function that the general population takes for granted.

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