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Innovative Virus-Killing Products Poised to Help Dentists, Medical Offices and Care Homes Re-Open Safely Amid COVID19 Outbreak

May 5, 2020

Health and wellness care providers who, have all been severely impacted due to the COVID-19 outbreak, could be some of the first to safely re-open their practices with improved safety thanks to innovative products launched by PURA AIR.

PURA AIR, a clean air development company, is excited to announce the launch of an innovative new line of solutions that could help dentists, medical practices and care homes to once again operate safely and welcome the public in the face of COVID-19 concerns. The innovative designs for the products were inspired by Dr. Wilson J. Kwong and a team of industry leaders who saw many critical health care operations unable to help their clients amid the global novel coronavirus outbreak. They were inspired to find a solution to the challenges presented by social distancing practices and the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The solution goes beyond and addresses other viruses, spores, bacteria, odours, particulates, chemicals and moulds. PURA AIR’s line of solutions was designed by industry thought leaders across a variety of sectors, including medical, industrial air cleaning, and mechanical contracting. The solutions are currently patent-pending, but the devices could be the newest fixture in dental, healthcare and care homes as early as Summer 2020.

“It’s now more critical than ever before for businesses to protect their clients,” said Fiesal Nasser, President of PURA AIR. “With solutions like PURA AIR in place, patients and clients are protected from the risks we cannot see. We anticipate that hospitals, healthcare institutions, medical labs, dentists, chiropractors, doctor offices, and elderly care homes could benefit from this new technology to help reduce the risk to their communities. Our efforts in developing these systems will also help many businesses get back to work and will add a layer of protection.”

The devices range in size and purpose, however, the core of all the solutions is the removal of airborne contaminants with a new approach to air filtration[1] and purification. In addition to capturing and filtering airborne particulate, the devices are also equipped to then eradicate the airborne contaminants at a molecular level with UV and medical-grade HEPA filtration so the air can be safely recirculated as 99.99% pure air.

One product that is poised to change the way dentistry looks today is the PURA AIR Purification system with Localized Extractor. This system addresses acute challenges for up-close dental procedures such as dental cleanings and fillings which will create aerosols–including debris and microorganisms that can inadvertently be passed along to others breathing the same air.

These very small particles, ranging from harmless to highly infectious, can remain suspended in the air for many hours. When inhaled, their small size allows penetration to the lower respiratory tract where the risk of infection is greatly increased. In addition to this product, PURA AIR has also a line of 3 other products that could be retrofitted to a variety of other businesses.

“At some point, we will return to a new normal. We can all expect to be more sensitive to being around others, to receiving medical services. Fears we have never been forced to consider, certainly not at this scale,” said Dr Wilson J. Kwong. Learn more about PURA AIR and its line of solutions at www.puraairpurification.com/.


Pura Air solutions were designed by leaders across a variety of sectors, including medical, industrial air cleaning, and mechanical. Indoor workers breathe 11,000 litres of air a day and Indoor air quality (IAQ) has a significant influence on health, comfort and wellbeing. Their line of innovative purification products help keep patients and communities safe by sterilizing airborne biological contaminants, including viruses and bacteria with Germicidal UV technology and HEPA filtration.

About Dr. Wilson Kwong

Dr. Wilson J Kwong graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of British Columbia in 1989. His career and passion for clinical patient care began in a rural community before moving to Vancouver, BC, where he practices today. He is also the CEO of Inspire Dental Group, a group of dental practices that believes in a higher level of patient experiences. As a world-renowned educator, Dr. Wilson J Kwong is the founder of VDEC. He teaches doctors globally, and has received recognition in peer-reviewed articles, published for his outstanding work with anterior and posterior implant ceramic systems. He is a member of the UBC alumni advisory council, representing the faculty of dentistry, and was invited to join the editorial advisory board for the professional journal Compendium. Dr. Wilson J Kwong is also deeply honoured to recently be designated a Fellow of the American College of Dentists (FACD).

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