LuxaCrown Shines in Polishing Study

University of Pennsylvania study also determines most effective polishing protocol

DMG America announced that a new study of dental restorative material polishability completed at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine is now available on its website.

The study, completed by Dr. Yin, Dr. Conejo and Dr. Blatz, evaluated the post-polishing surface roughness and the efficacy of polishing protocols of four dental materials, including the new LuxaCrown® semi-permanent crown and bridge material by DMG. The authors concluded that LuxaCrown’s surface roughness was statistically identical to that of the other three materials.

Access the study now.

Two polishing protocols were evaluated in the study:
• 2-step method:

  1. Gray polisher
  2. Goat hair chamois white stiff brush

• 3-step method:

  1. Gray polisher
  2. Goat hair chamois white stiff brush
  3. Felt cloth wheel buff and composite paste

The study concluded that the 3-step method was significantly more effective than the 2-step method.

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