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Making a Difference in the Treatment of Periodontal Disease: Oral Science Partners with rdhu, Leader in Dental Hygiene Education

February 6, 2020
by Oral Sciene & rdhu

Oral Science is pleased to partner with rdhu, a leader in dental education across Canada. Being a real pioneer in the industry, rdhu is the first hands-on professional development centre for dental hygienists in Canada, and has emerged as widespread supportive environment for dental hygiene education and has a network of 16,000 members. In order to make a positive impact on improving the oral health of patients, we have established a partnership with rdhu, a major player in dental education in Canada.  

The partnership agreement with rdhu aims to implement our new periodontal disease management protocol by launching two courses : Best Practices Approach 2020: Periodontal Disease Management and Soft-Tissue Diode Laser Certification for RDH’S.

Best Practices Approach 2020: Periodontal Disease Management

Periodontal disease management according to the new AAP (American Academy of Periodontology) classification significantly improves clinical outcomes in the practice of dentistry. Thus, we are launching a course entitled ‘Best Practices Approach in Periodontal Treatment’. This course will be offered across Canada, and taught by renowned dental educator and RDH, Beth Ryerse and our Oral Health Educators. The goal of this course is to increase participants’ understanding of the AAP guidelines in order to improve diagnostic, communication and treatment protocols. This is accomplished through a variety of learning activities such as case scenarios provided to determine the stage and grade of disease for different types of patients. Furthermore, a review of potential treatment plans, including a range of technologies and adjunctive therapies will be presented to ensure improved clinical outcomes. As example:
• Periostat: Non-antibiotic dose doxycycline
• Curaprox interdental brushes: The #1 motivational tool to increase your patients’ compliance and evaluate their healing process
• Cetacaine: Non-injectable topical anesthetic
• X-PUR Crystal: Natural in-office desensitizer

 Soft-Tissue Diode Laser Certification for RDH’S
How can soft tissue diode lasers provide the best return on investment for your dental hygiene department? Laser certification for dental hygienists will help integrate diode lasers, by the hands-on training with the Photon 3W laser, leading to its use in practice daily for inflammation management. This course will also be presented across Canada with the rdhu team, Certified in Class IV Soft-Tissue Diode Laser. Through this training session, dental professionals will acquire a high level of knowledge of the recommended settings and safety for laser use, codes and billing reflecting the services performed.

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