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‘Mask Mouth’ is a Seriously Stinky Side Effect of Wearing Masks

August 6, 2020
by New York Post

Some bad breath just can’t be covered up.

Now that dentists have reopened their doors, they’re having patients show up with a nasty set of symptoms, which the doctors have dubbed “mask mouth.”

The new oral hygiene issue — caused by, you guessed it, wearing a mask all the time to prevent the spread of the coronavirus — is leading to all kinds of dental disasters like decaying teeth, receding gum lines and seriously sour breath.

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37 Comments » for ‘Mask Mouth’ is a Seriously Stinky Side Effect of Wearing Masks
  1. Prevention is better than cure. In the present pandemic, it has become important to wear mask all the time when you are outside your house. Well, there are so many people experiencing issues like suffocation, lack of breath, oral issues and many other things due to this. Allergies has become a very big issue. It is better to stay hygiene and try to wear a comfortable mask. Thanks.
    Family dentist Manteca

    • Dr Dan Green says:

      This is a joke. Wearing a mask while out of the home in crowded conditions where you can’t social distance is the best idea for preventing the spread of COVID 19. But tell me how many people brush their teeth outside the home unless it’s at their place of work where they would have the privacy of a washroom.
      This “mask mouth” BS is all about people not looking after themselves by taking the time at least twice a day to adequately brush and floss their teeth. It has nothing to do with wearing a mask unless it is glued to their face 24-7.

      • UnionPacific says:

        This “mask mouth” BS is all about people not looking after themselves by taking the time at least twice a day to adequately brush and floss their teeth”

        That is callous of you since a good deal of covid victims suffer from major health problems due to their lifestyle. People who are Obese got that way due to their eating habits and the same can be said of Diabetics. Yet the rest have to wear masks even though it causes Mask Mouth risking their health.

        • Margaret Oxford says:

          Union Pacific: A major cause of diabetes is the corn syrup, b.p.a. in canned foods, hormones and antibiotics in meat and dairy and chemicals in your tap water. Only the wealthy can eat healthy – that’s why you see so many impoverished people overweight and with heart problems and diabetes. Some people inherit it (juvenile type 1 diabetes). Please don’t be so small minded and judgmental. It’s conceited and ugly.

          • Sam says:

            Margaret, only the wealthy can eat healthy is bull. I see people on food stamps buying loads of crap because they can. I also see some of them to buy great food. My income is $2.00 above the poverty line and I eat healthy. Hell, I can’t afford not to because I don’t have free health care like the people you are describing do.

        • Diane Welch says:

          you sound like a hater. When people are OBESE, that doesn’t mean they eat all the time, or just eat junk. I have an overactive thyroid. They put me on medication so I would slow everything down. I gained 70 by taking the medication. Something that saved my life. Since i already had a stroke from the thyroid issue.

        • Gaynor says:

          Actually i have mask mouth, i wear a mask 8hrs day, 5 days a week, nhs worker, i have an infection in my mouth, I’ve never had before, have great oral hygiene.

      • Cassandra says:

        LOL, I agree

      • Jodyman says:

        I agree, “Mask Mouth” is a bunch of BS. When have you ever gone to a dentist and he wasn’t wearing a mask? Hmmm, all day working with a mask and never a peep about “Mask Mouth” until it is to cause some sensation with relation to COVID-19. Great marketing on the part of the Dentist who came up with this BS in New York. Oh Brother!

        • Ivory Hill says:

          Are you a dentist??? Cause if you were you would realize they do not wear a mask all day

        • Dan says:

          DENTISTS AFE TRAINED AT USING THESE MAKS AND MO THEY WERE NOT IN THEM 24/7 and they most definitely DO NOT PUT THEM IN BAGS POCKETS AND TABLES (while they eat) to then replace them on face. Stop forcing stupid BS because you can’t conclude cause and effect

      • Mary says:

        Agree with you. There’s no evidence that this is true. Created by anti-maskers.

      • Cheryl Wilson says:

        Surprised that a doctor could not see that increasing CO2 in a moist wet environment would cause fungal over growth in a mouth.

        Great article

      • Mike Harwig says:

        Bullshit. Pure unadulterated bullshit. I brush and hydrofloss at least twice a day. I run a restaurant and work in BOH. I had a dental cleaning done in March had no problems now in may losing a tooth due to a gum infection caused by wearing a mask 8 hours a day.

    • Gitte Bendixen says:

      How much of this b acteriainfektions will end up in the lungs? And how many bacteriainfected lungs will be said to be covid19 due to the queationable covid19 testkits?

    • He6 butBurton says:

      Thanks for the the valuable info. Now at least I know how I almost died and list 6 teeth in a month including crowns ,molars . That never happens in our normal life period. I got so sick with infected teeth I had to go to the emergency room and stay twice at least 5 to 10 days at A TIME DUE TO MY JAW EAR AND BRAIN GETTING INFECTED. ALSO THE INFECTION GAVE ME PNEUMONIA AND COMPLETE DEAFNESS IN THE LEFT SIDE OF MY HEAD. I WOULD HAVE GOTTEN TO A DENTIST SOONER .

  2. I highly disagree, so far 4 people I work with has last a tooth including me. There is no way in hell all of our teeth just magically fell out around the same time. We all floss and take good care of our teeth. It is absolutely the mask causing this!

    • spambrosia says:

      That’s about the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Wearing a mask while out in public is not going to cause your teeth to rot and fall out. I just had my dental exam last week after rescheduling it from April. My teeth were in great shape, no cavities, no nothing. Because I brush and floss the same way I have for my entire life.

      • Amanda says:

        The carbon dioxide breathed back in most certainly will. Don’t tell me you’re one of those people that automatically believe whatever the TV tells you from people that are known liars and can’t keep their stories straight.

        Best way to approach it, common sense and logic. What does using a mask do first and foremost.. try using a pulse oximeter and watch what happens after 15-60 min……

        • Ivory Oler says:

          Enough said! Thank you

        • SRay says:

          Ive worked as a surgical nurse all of my life and we wear mask 8-10 hours a day and my teeth are fine
          and my 7 of us tested our pulse Ox before and during and
          after having the mask on and there was no difference.
          Masks aren’t a new thing… lots of people wear them every day in normal life way before Covid.

          • Mike Harwig says:

            Do you have to wear a mask while working over a grill set at 450 degrees Fahrenheit?

    • Al says:

      How old are you? We do start losing teeth as we get older. My dentist has been saving my teeth for years…your tooth did not all the sudden become lose

  3. Connor says:

    I have to have surgery for my gum recession, that has worsened at an ALARMING rate since I have been wearing a mask for 4 hours roughly a day

  4. Mary peters says:

    I work in healthcare and now require to wear a mask all day. The only time with out a mask is while eating. I now have receding gumline. Sounds like you wear it only when you are out in public. So you are clueless…

  5. The mask doesn’t cause bad breath. People can now smell their breath more because they are wearing a mask. If they are still experiencing bad breath after proper brushing and flossing, they need to consult with their dentist to check if they don’t have cavities, gum disease…etc.

  6. Julie says:

    I work in Healthcare and we work with face masks on from the start of the shift until we end, with only break to eat. I my self am only 8 stone 4 so to say that it’s only large people that have medical problem and become diabetic is very Bullish of you, there are many people out there that take good care of oral hygiene and I think these masks have a lot to say for the state of peoples teeth lately as there is no fresh air going in and out like there should be with our busy lives

  7. Pete says:

    To those calling bs. I’ve had a tooth extraction, simply because my filling came out and the pain was too much, however I have to wear a mask for 8hrs a day, I’ve ended up with quite a bad infection , normal for tooth to be extracted, but having the mask on for so long caused this to accelerate, I’ve now been off work unpaid 3 days and put on antibiotics, it hurts like hell, tastes really bad, and the smell is well I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy, the dental surgery won’t even pack the socket due to covid19 restrictions, so now I don’t want to go back to work, you don’t believe in mask mouth, well you wouldn’t want to be in my position and I do have good dental hygiene

    • Vivian says:

      Mask mouth is real. If you only wear it to go out ti the store or grab something to eat, you have no clue. I have to wear it 4 hrs a day to work and I now have receding gums and mouth issues. I brush my teeth and floss twice a day so don’t even hint that I don’t have goos oral hygiene. It’s not good to be breathing carbon dioxide every day!!!!!!!!

    • Dr. Z says:

      Hate to tell you but the mask didn’t cause any of your issues.

  8. Tim Owen says:

    So if you miss work to go to Dentist from a lump in jaw caused by mask mouth , and get x-rays, and have teeth sanded is that considered work comp related. Asking because souse works at hospital and wears mask 40 hours a week.

    • Alex says:

      Well let’s see had to give up on two jobs that were very good jobs all because my asmthma and my teeth hurting because of mask mouth this has cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars out of my pocket t just fix these issues at this rate I’m just gonna collect unemployment and not work I can’t work if I can’t breathe and if its gonna cost me every time I go to dentist 300 to 500 for a cavity fix due to mask mouth thats like my paycheck for the week so I need remimbursment add In the fact that businesses are forcing employees to wear masks but not customers is another reason why I refuse to go back to work I’m not putting my self in double harms way with 500$ dental bills and ect the masks wouldn’t be to bad if I could chew gum as well xylitol gum but OSHA and most jobs ban chewing gum and want u to talk to pole through a mask like we can’t fucking hear u through a mask as were working and shii is going off and beeping ect esp at restaurants

  9. Karen A Huffman says:

    I’ve been diagnosed with Pharyngitis due to Mask Mouth. I have red dots on my tongue, red streaks on the back of my throat, my glands are swollen. I’ve been wearing two masks and now I have an issue. I cannot obtain any antibiotics for this issue. In 5 days if the issue is not subsided (which it won’t as long as I have to continue to wear a mask), then I need to be seen at the Immediate care. We are running up our medical bills for these types of issues. I too, floss everyday, brush daily and make sure there are no issues with my teeth. This is a bacteria infection.

  10. Geeta Ramlogan says:

    I believe mask mouth is real. It all makes complete sense. The moist conditions created by the mask together with sweat and bacteria build up will definitely cause an acceleration of dental problems.

  11. Chinda Brandolino says:

    Dr Chinda Brandolino said it is scientific proven the masks around your face creates bacterias not only around your mouth, even on your nose and skin, masks decrease the oxígeno, the lack of oxígeno increases the sickness.
    Bacterias and virus can not live with fresh oxígeno.
    Breathing fresh air is the best for your health.
    Don’t cover your face, you are killing yourselves.

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