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Maximize Isolation with a Defined Role and a Weekly Plan

April 15, 2020
by Transitions Group

During the current COVID-19 shutdown, you may have a team member who was left on the payroll and is working in isolation at your dental practice. This role is a temporary position during the shutdown to help streamline and deliver effective communication. This communication includes: keeping the practice phone lines answered, sending week-by-week updates to your team and patients, and conveying the message that only emergency cases will be seen during this time.

This team member or manager is in charge of the rescheduling patient appointments (one week at a time), as we do not know when we will be back in full operations. It is also imperative that a system and process is in place for screening and signed consent forms. This system is essential for both healthcare providers and patients when visiting the dental practice for emergency care.

It is also a great time to re-set and update patient contact data, purge charts or complete the undone projects in the administrative department that are difficult to get done when there is a full schedule of patient operations.

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