MouthWatch TeleDent™ Helps Dental Practices Maintain Patient Contact During ADA’s “Urgent Care Only” Recommendations

Designed to Keep the Dentist in Teledentistry, TeleDent Keeps Dental Offices Working While Flattening the Curve for COVID-19

MouthWatch, LLC recently announced that the latest software upgrades to its TeleDent all-in one teledentistry platform can help dental offices effectively deliver urgent care to their patients during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to MouthWatch Founder and CEO Brant Herman, “With the American Dental Association and many state dental associations strongly recommending that dental offices immediately suspend elective, preventive and non-critical dental care, practice owners are left wondering how to provide care while protecting their patients and their teams. We believe the latest version of TeleDent is an effective tool to maintain patient connections while supporting urgent dental care delivery options.”

MouthWatch recently unveiled the following features which recent developments have made more relevant than ever:

  • Patient Portal: Enables dentists to securely and easily communicate directly with their patients, without requiring them to come to the office. Patients or providers can share images, videos, home care instructions, files and more.
  • Virtual Consultations: TeleDent users can now use secure live video to provide personalized virtual patient consultations or more in-depth screenings.
  • Provider Messaging: Quick, convenient and secure messaging allows providers working remotely to can be utilized help screen patients before scheduling an office visit.

Cloud Collaboration: TeleDent utilizes cloud-based exam and patient data sharing to reduce intra-office travel. This enables group practices or specialists, communicate with other providers while avoiding travel and easily collaborate from home.

Teledentistry-Powered Cameras:  TeleDent combines browser-based software with an intraoral camera to enable essential or non-dental team members to send diagnostic images and patient data to remote care providers for evaluation.

Upgraded Home Diagnostics and Monitoring:  Patients can be shipped an intraoral camera to enable remote clinical evaluation, with images and videos shared through a patient portal.

“We’re making it easier for dentists and patients alike to adapt to the new reality initiated by COVID-19,” explained Herman. “We’re achieving this via enhanced TeleDent technology and also by making TeleDent much easier and quicker to implement.”

MouthWatch has a three-step plan to deploy TeleDent and flatten the curve, provide support for urgent dental care needs and help practices navigate these challenging times:

  1. Free On-Demand Webinar: “How Teledentistry Can Help Your Practice Respond to COVID-19.” Presented by MouthWatch CEO Brant Herman and infection control expert, Michelle Strange, RDH. Click to register.
  2. Free 30-day TeleDent License: 30 days free and waived set up fee to get practices up and running. Use the coupon code RESPOND at checkout and Get your license.
  3. Accelerated Onboarding: MouthWatch has expanded its in-house capabilities to accommodate increased demand for TeleDent training and implementation. Start by scheduling a demo.

“Teledentistry has the potential to protect your patients, your team, and your bottom line, said Herman. “MouthWatch TeleDent is fast-tracking this potential into reality.”

About MouthWatch LLC

Headquartered in Metuchen, New Jersey, MouthWatch, LLC is a leader in innovative clinician-focused teledentistry solutions, digital case presentation tools and intraoral imaging devices. The company is dedicated to finding new ways to constantly improve the dental health experience for both patient and provider.

The founders and management team of MouthWatch have relevant backgrounds and successful track records in dentistry, consumer products and communications. Since 2012, this team has pioneered the integration of digital imagery and communications technology in the field of dentistry. Their cumulative experience makes it possible for the company to take the lead in introducing the benefits of telemedicine to the world of dentistry. For more information, visit .

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