New CEREC Tessera High-Strength Glass Ceramic Blocks Impress with Robust Strength, High Esthetics and Fast Processing

Dentsply Sirona has introduced CEREC Tessera Advanced Lithium Disilicate CAD/CAM Blocks, a new material for CAD/CAM-fabricated restorations for anterior and posterior regions. The advanced lithium disilicate (ALD) ceramic is characterized primarily by its robust strength and high esthetics. The glaze firing takes only four and a half minutes, so the entire manufacturing process is accelerated. CEREC Tessera blocks are therefore an attractive option within single-visit dentistry. CEREC Tessera is now available on the European market.

High-strength glass ceramics are frequently used by dentists for CAD/CAM-fabricated restorations. The reason is mainly esthetics – patients usually want restorations looking nearly identical to their natural teeth.

Advanced material properties due to optimized microstructure

The new CEREC Tessera blocks have proven to be very strong, meet very high esthetic demands and accelerate the entire manufacturing process within the chairside workflow by shortening the glaze firing time. A crown can be fired in the CEREC SpeedFire in just 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Compared to other glass ceramics, this represents a time saving across the entire manufacturing process of about 44 percent. Before firing, the application of a glaze is necessary to achieve the final properties, such as the high biaxial flexural strength of over 700 MPa.

The fast-firing time is mainly made possible by the special and new composition of the ceramic made of lithium disilicate and virgilite, a lithium aluminum silicate. The innovative microcrystalline composition with the material virgilite is patent pending in both the USA and the EU. During the firing process, new virgilite crystals are formed and embedded in a zirconia enriched glass matrix. Together, these material constituents combine to create a robustly reinforced, high-density restorative material. The dense interwoven crystal composition of CEREC Tessera blocks is key to their high strength and helps suppress the presence of microcracks and subsequent crack propagation. In the CEREC Tessera blocks, the lithium disilicate provides the high tensile strength, while the newly formed virgilite increases the precompression stress. The same microcrystalline composition also contributes to the highly esthetic and dynamic light refraction, transmission and absorptive properties that mimic the visual vitality of a natural dentition and enables the desired high esthetics.

Another advantage of the new material: All CEREC Tessera restorations can be grinded to a very fine finish and then be fixed adhesively (for example with Prime&Bond active and Calibra Ceram). From a wall thickness of 1.5 millimeters, restorations with CEREC Tessera can also be conventionally cemented with a resin modified glass ionomer cement.

The first users are enthusiastic about CEREC Tessera blocks. Dr. Stephanie Holländer, dentist from Frechen (Germany), states that the short time for glaze firing was a real “game changer”. She was also particularly taken with the simplicity of the whole process: “I didn’t have to make any adjustments – the crowns fabricated in the CEREC Primemill show beautifully finished margins, and the colors available fit perfectly.”

CEREC Tessera blocks are available as of now and are indicated for fully anatomical single-tooth restorations in the anterior and posterior regions, including crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers.

Celtra Ceram for additional esthetic demands

In cases where esthetics is top of priority, Celtra Ceram is a reliable veneering ceramic and has now also been validated for combined use with CEREC Tessera in the cutback technique. It offers more options, particularly when it comes to highlight subtleties in the translucency and opalescence of the tooth, to create mamelon structures or to achieve an esthetically sophisticated match with the adjacent teeth.

This option provides dentists and dental technicians with an extremely versatile and proven ceramic system. Celtra Ceram is a low-fusing system specifically designed for veneering all-ceramic frameworks such as lithium silicates and zirconium oxide.

Both materials were optimally matched to each other by Dentsply Sirona during validation.

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