NSU Dental Patients Possibly Exposed to Certain Viruses Due to Sterilization Issues

Nova Southeastern University’s College of Dental Medicine recently informed patients that they might have been exposed to certain viruses due to an “inconsistency in the prescribed sterilization procedures.”

According to an NSU letter dated last Friday, the issue was discovered at the Post-Graduate Orthodontic Clinic at 3200 S. University Drive in Davie. None of the university’s 11 other dental clinics appear to have been affected.

The letter informed more than 1,100 patients that the deviation from the proper sterilization procedures created a minimal risk for possible exposure to certain viruses.

“Instead of the called-for complete heat sterilization process, equipment received a surface disinfectant wipe,” NSU spokesman Brandon L. Hensler said in a statement. “Once the college learned of the isolated breach of protocol in this one clinic, NSU conducted an extensive review to ensure that this clinic is following the same CDC-prescribed protocols as the other 11 dental clinics.

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