Oklahoma Oral Surgeons Help Patients Preserve Stem Cells

Local oral surgeons are now offering a new, innovative way for patients to preserve their stem cells through their wisdom teeth.

Dr. Robert Bryan and Dr. Jeremy Goodson of Oral Surgery Specialists of Oklahoma, near Meridian and Memorial, are offering patients the opportunity to bank their dental stem cells through a company called Stemodontics.

“We can actually obtain stem cells from wisdom teeth that we would routinely extract,” Bryan said. “Those stem cells can be isolated and banked to treat future diseases that may come up.”

Thanks to groundbreaking research, Stemodontics was born. According to doctors, research is proving dental stem cells could one day be used as regenerative medicine to treat diseases like diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

“It’s something that’s been in the research for a long time – and only recently, though, have companies emerged that have created the actual opportunity for patients to bank their own stem cells,” Goodson said.

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