Oklahoma Scientists Discover Link between Dental Hygiene and Lupus Symptoms

Scientists at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation say they’ve found a link between dental hygiene and lupus.

Angie Rolke is living proof of the connection. “After lunch, I will brush again, floss again, and then at night, I repeat that with the Waterpik,” Rolke told KOCO. “I deal with the Waterpik twice a day.”

Rolke says it took her six years to be diagnosed with lupus.

“A (physician’s assistant) straight out of school said, ‘Have they ever tested you for lupus?’ She tested me and it was positive, and the rest is history,” Rolke said.

Rolke says she has had 31 surgeries in 13 years, several of which were on her mouth.

“Mouth sores, dry mouth, burning tongue, loss of a lot of bone in my jaw area,” Rolke said. “I don’t know what else I can do. I even carry toothbrushes in my car, I carry dental floss in my car in case I eat lunch out.”

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