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Paid Optimizing the Implant Workflow with 5 Axis Dental Lab

August 1, 2020
by Planmeca USA


Many clinicians are restoring implants, but the ones who have gone digital are gaining much more than a reduction in supplies and lab bills. They have greater hourly production, happier patients and now, optimal workflows with an implant solution that provides the best outcome for patients. Creating the right investment strategy requires an in-depth look at how you want to restore implants.

Planmeca Emerald™ S intraoral scanner

Planmeca, a global leader in the CAD/CAM space, has just partnered with 5 Axis Dental Lab to offer flexibility and choices to dentists restoring implants. Located in Whitby, Ontario, 5 Axis is a vertically integrated, full-service dental lab and milling center that specializes in implant solutions using digital scans as well as traditional impressions. Through 5 Axis’s partnership with Planmeca, clinicians who have invested in Planmeca CAD/CAM technologies, like the Planmeca Emerald™ S scanner and Planmeca PlanMill® 30 S milling machine, are discovering a more streamlined and optimal implant workflow.


 Implant Workflow Enhancements with 5 Axis 

Dr. Zachary Mursic MSD, FRCDC, the son of 5 Axis Dental Lab founder, Jonathan Mursic RDT, said that with their Planmeca clinicians, costs are scaled down because CAD/CAM usability and return on investment (ROI) increases. Dr. Mursic takes pride in providing the highest degree of accuracy with the services they provide. He feels that 5-Axis is on-trend with what dentists are looking for, which is a custom abutment solution that provides the ideal outcome for each patient. He encourages dentists to invest in a CAD/CAM system that can match the quality and accuracy in the work his laboratory produces – and there are only a few.

5 Axis is an open source production center that is responsible for everything designed and delivered to its customers. For that reason, rigorous quality control is taken at every step of the digital design and restoration process.

“We have to be selective on the scanner systems we partner with. There aren’t many that we have found to be highly accurate,” said Dr. Mursic. “Planmeca Emerald S is great for data accuracy and collection, which allows us to be more confident in the services we provide.”

Dr. Mursic adds, “without good data, none of this would be possible.”


In a study conducted by Dr. Wally Renne, the Planmeca Emerald S ranks in the top three scanners for accuracy.


5 Axis already supports many practices with Planmeca equipment, providing flexible solutions for each one. For offices with a Planmeca Emerald S scanner, 5 Axis’s universal scan body allows dentists to replace all of the restorative components they would usually order from an implant catalog. Expensive components are no longer stuck in impressions or dental models for legal records. Instead, the clinician simply scans with the Planmeca Emerald S, uploads the case via Planmeca Romexis® Cloud and 5 Axis designs the restoration, custom abutment and any other components necessary to complete treatment. Additionally, a digital implant record is saved with the patient file.


5 Axis Dental Lab custom abutment and final restoration


Dr. Mursic notes it is not uncommon for dentists to also have their own mills in their offices. To help these practices maximize their investment, 5 Axis can design the entire case, mill the custom abutment and share a stereolithography (STL) file of the final crown to be milled in-office. This way, the crown is ready before the custom abutment even arrives in the mail.


5 Axis Dental Lab custom abutment and STL file for milling in-office


“By partnering with 5 Axis, a Planmeca clinician’s responsibility is reduced,” said Dr. Mursic. “With Romexis, the scanned impression is put into the cloud and 5 Axis accesses the information directly from the software.”

With several options for your digital implant restorative workflow, clinicians in Canada can enjoy a scan-and-send or chairside milling solution. By using 5 Axis’s services and Planmeca CAD/CAM technology, dentists will not only achieve the best outcomes for their patients but will enjoy greater efficiencies and a positive impact to their bottom line.

Planmeca FIT® Complete CAD/CAM Solution


For more information about the Planmeca FIT® click here: https://info.planmecausa.com/complete-cadcam-solution/



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