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Oral Science Introduces a New Delivery System for Advantage Arrest

February 14, 2019
by Oral Science

Oral Science is proud to introduce an additional delivery system for Advantage Arrest, a successful product that has already been introduced in thousands of dental offices. Advantage Arrest contains 38% Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) to arrest the progress of an already formed cavity in permanent or primary teeth.

Advantage Arrest was the first SDF to enter the Canadian market and has been approved by Health Canada for caries arrest. In addition to being very easy to use, Advantage Arrest is an excellent option for Minimally Invasive Dentistry as it does not require instruments or anesthesia, it has antimicrobial properties due to the silver and is able to remineralize the dentin with fluoride. Moreover, several studies have already showed the effectiveness of SDF in controlling and arresting caries compared to other treatments.

Both the Advantage Arrest 8ml bottle and the 30-pack of 0.1ml unit-doses have the same composition and present the same advantages for dental clinics and patients.

Here is an overview of the main benefits of Advantage Arrest:

  • Cost-efficient
    • Bottle: $1.76 (2 drops)
    • Unit-dose: $7.20 / patient
  • Tinted in blue for placement visualization
  • Dental hygienists and dental assistants can apply it
  • Quick application (less than 5 minutes)
  • User-friendly: no need for air, instruments, anesthesia or water
  • No post-treatment limitations
  • Odorless

Oral Science’s team of oral health consultants and dental professionals are ready to meet dental teams to present them both formats of Advantage Arrest!

Call our customer service at 1 888 442.7070 or visit www.oralscience.ca/en/presentations/ to schedule your in-office presentation now!