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Oral Science Launches Two Innovations at the 2019 ODA

May 26, 2019
by Oral Science

During the latest ODA Spring Meeting in Toronto, more than 2,000 dental professionals gathered at the Oral Science booth to discover the unbelievably soft Curaprox Hydrosonic electric toothbrush and the X-PUR CariØ toothpaste with it’s unique 25% xylitol formulation.

The Curaprox Hydrosonic offers the recognized hydrodynamics effects of the sonic technology that creates a turbulence between saliva, water and toothpaste to remove biofilm bacteria in places where the bristles do not reach, and even in the interdental spaces. However, it is the only electric toothbrush that have a clear advantage over other electric toothbrush made off nylon bristles; its patented CUREN® bristles, which absorb almost no water, provide consistent performance, an unbelievably soft feeling, an incredible pleasant experience, even with 42, 000 brush stroke per minute.

Attendees also had the unique opportunity to meet and discover X-PUR CariØ and it’s unique 25% Xylitol formulation from its’s own creator, Dr. Jaques Véronneau. Dr. Véronneau presented his story and research on identifying an alternative to reduce cariogenic bacteria load in highly infected patients. The results were really interesting;

Compared to a fluoride toothpaste, this formulation was able to offer*:

  • 60% less lesions
  • 80% less cavitated lesions
  • 40% more remineralized lesions

*Visit www.oralscience.com for the studies

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