P.E.I. Dentists Adapting to COVID-19, Preparing for New Normal After Pandemic

Dentists have always had infection control guidelines in place, but COVID-19 is putting the regular operations of the profession on pause, says dentist and Dental Council of P.E.I. registrar Dr. Maurice Coady.

Dental offices across the Island have been closed to regular patients since March 17, when the Dental Council of P.E.I. issued the directive. The original closure was for a 14-day period, but the council has since decided to remain in this state until the chief public health officer says they can reopen.

“Everybody certainly wants to get back to work, but I would say the work will probably not be as it used to be, and maybe not be as it used to be forever,” Coady told Island Morning’s Mitch Cormier.

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