Peterborough Dental Clinic Files $11.5 Million Suit Against Salvaterra, Health Unit Over 2019 Inspection

A Peterborough dental clinic is seeking $11.5 million in damages in a statement of claim filed against Peterborough Public Health and Medical Officer of Health Dr. Rosana Salvaterra, along with two other doctors.

In the claim, filed July 16, Dr. Rita Kilislian of Kawartha Endodontics is named as the plaintiff. The other defendants are listed as Dr. Robert Kyle and Dr. Jane Doe.

It seeks $10 million in damages for “negligence, defamation, harassment, tortious interference in family and economic relations, tortious infliction of emotional suffering, malicious prosecution, fraudulent investigation, breach of the duty to exercise discretionary statutory powers in good faith, the breach of the duty of good faith, unlawful interference with economic relations, abuse of public office, conspiracy, and abuse of process, or any of them.”

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