Popular Podcast ‘A Tale of Two Hygienists’ Features TempStars CEO James Younger


Dr. James Younger, the CEO and founder of TempStars – North America’s fastest growing and top-rated dental temping and hiring service, was recently the featured guest on “A Tale of Two Hygienists,” one of the dental industry’s most popular podcasts.

The interview with Dr. Younger (available here), who is a practicing dentist, occurred when he was attending the 157th Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting in November.

The conference was another example of the commitment TempsStars has to expanding into the United States.

“As we continue to expand into the United States, conferences like this are invaluable as they give us a chance to spend time with dentists, as well as hygienists and dental assistants,” said Dr. Younger. “We learn a lot from these face-to-face interactions, which in turn will help us provide better services to the industry.”

TempStars has been very active in the U.S. over the last 12 months, establishing a presence in Boston, Chicago, Nashville, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Phoenix, and Scottsdale. It also recently announced that it made donations to six different food banks in the U.S.

“We’re committed to growing our business in the U.S.,” said Dr. Younger. “Once the marketplace becomes aware of our services and the cost efficiencies it delivers when it comes to staffing, we’ll see the same kind of growth that we have had in Canada.”

About TempStars

TempStars is North America’s fastest-growing dental temping and hiring service. Since 2015, the company continues to build on cutting-edge mobile technology to directly connect dental professionals quickly and easily. With more than 14,000 dental professional members serving over 5,000 dental offices (and growing daily!), TempStars is quickly becoming the best, first, and default choice for dental professionals looking to hire and get hired for temping and permanent positions. By expanding service in the United States this year, TempStars is showing it is dedicated to inspiring and making a positive impact in the dental community on a global scale.