Pregnant Women Are Receiving Dental Care Alongside Their Medical Check-Ups

Regular medical checkups are recommended for pregnant women, but doctors will tell you oral care is important as well.

Periodontal disease can be problematic for both mother and baby. Now, the Colorado Medical-Dental Integration Project (CO MDI) is working to reach mothers-to-be. It is an initiative of the Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation, providing funding for dental services in 16 health care organizations that reach the underserved.

One of those organizations is the Inner City Health Center in Denver. It is where Manuela Terrones goes for affordable prenatal care. The 34-year-old is pregnant with her third child. This time around, Terrones is also getting oral care. During this pregnancy, a dental hygienist cleans Terrones’ teeth and checks her gums every three months. That’s more often than in the past.

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