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Prepare for Patients Who Refuse to Wear a Mask in Your Practice

August 4, 2020
by Martin Merritt

There have been numerous videos shared on social medial of individuals entering businesses and refusing to wear a required mask. This has happened at restaurants, stores, and is becoming a common occurrence at dental and medical practices. Whether or not this scene has played out yet at your practice, you should be training your staff on how to best respond when, and if, it does occur.

In many states, masks are currently mandated by law. Additionally, they are recommended by OSHA, CDC and all medical specialty organizations. Whether or not you personally believe masks should be worn, it’s important to know that the wearing of masks, and other recommended precautions, will minimize liability for your practice if a claim is brought against you by a patient or employee who is exposed to COVID-19.

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1 Comment » for Prepare for Patients Who Refuse to Wear a Mask in Your Practice
  1. Silvia Butterman says:

    In my opinion it is not just the mask but also encourage patients to come with clean clothes, even to change the ones used at work in a dirty job site. Make available soap and water with paper towel , rather than a sanitizer as many patients lungs or allergies cannot tolerate the fumes. In dentistry as I did in the past all the above as a routine, so for me this would not affect me as a Covid-19 explosion . I was extremely careful how patients needed to attend for dental care and some offices thought this would be way too much to incorporate. as a safety control the above should be mandatory. Specially for immune suppress patients and or staff.
    A person attending a surgical treatment at a hospital would require the same, dentistry it is not different in my opinion.
    You can publish my name if you wish with my opinion.
    I sincerely thank you for your opportunity to write

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