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Province Quickly Reverses Course on Children’s Dental Cleanings

July 30, 2018
by Shaina Luck, CBC News

The Nova Scotia government has quickly reversed a decision earlier this month that removed a type of dental cleaning coverage from thousands of families with young children.

On July 12, the Department of Health and Wellness sent out an update to dentists saying it was immediately removing MSI coverage for “minor scaling” and polishing for children under the age of 15.

Scaling is done to scrape off plaque and tartar containing bacteria that is harmful to gums.

Premier Stephen McNeil said Thursday he was unaware of the update on scaling until that morning. He blamed bureaucrats and said the decision will be reversed.

“They were attempting to make a clarification on a policy, that if you look across the country no other place was covering this as well. But that’s not their decision. That’s a decision for government, and that’s a decision that comes to my table,” he said.

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