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Selfies Are Being Praised For Helping Patients Better Brush Their Teeth

August 12, 2016
by Seerat Chabba, Medical Daily

The “selfie” fad may be causing a number of unfortunate incidents across the globe but it also has its upside. According to a new study, recording video “selfies” while brushing teeth can help improve a person’s oral health.

The study’s participants used stands to hold their smartphones and film themselves as they brushed their teeth. Even though the period of time for which the participants brushed did not change, the researchers found an overall eight percent improvement in their skill. The brush strokes were noted to be more accurate and increased in number.

“Often, tooth-brushing is learned and practiced without proper supervision,” Lance T. Vernon, co-author and a senior instructor at the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine, said in a press release. “Changing tooth brushing behaviors — which are ingrained habits tied to muscle memory — can take a lot of time and guidance.”

To view the story, please visit: http://www.medicaldaily.com/selfies-while-brushing-lead-better-dental-hygiene-new-study-finds-394582

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