SEPA – Oral Reconstruction Foundation Regenerative Symposium: An Excellent Opportunity to Learn About the Latest Advances in Soft Tissue Regeneration

The SEPA – Oral Reconstruction Foundation Regenerative Symposium, which will take place 30 – 31 October 2020, as part of the Sepa OnAir2020 Congress, will bring together leading international experts in the field of regenerative surgery, to celebrate a series of practical and educational activities. This Symposium, a cooperation between SEPA and the Oral Reconstruction Foundation with the support of Biohorizons Camlog, has distinguishing features that make it an extraordinary event.

On Saturday, 31 October, from 9:30 to 12:00 CET, world-class experts will offer virtual master sessions featuring novel regenerative concepts for soft tissue augmentation and improved healing. This event will be free of charge and simultaneously translated from English into German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

The overview of the program includes Dr Juan Blanco focusing on the biological aspects of new soft tissue augmentation materials followed by a presentation on clinical cases showcasing the indications and step-by-step procedures applying a novel regenerative porcine acellular dermal matrix, performed by Dr. Andrés Pascual. Afterwards, Dr. Anton Sculean will present the biological and clinical rationale behind the use of these innovative materials in daily practice based on the latest research results. This will be followed by an extensive expert discussion moderated by Dr. Mariano Sanz, where Drs. Fernando Guerra, Gerhard Iglhaut, Ronald Jung and Marc Quirynen will share their expertise on soft tissue augmentation and the state of the art for the different indications and the role of the new biomaterials.

An innovative addition to this symposium is concurrent hands-on workshops in Lisbon, Madrid, and Barcelona on Friday 30 October, from 15:00 to 19:30 CET.

Under the supervision of Drs. Juan Blanco and Olalla Argibay, who will be virtually connected from Santiago de Compostela, and with the support of local instructors to include Dr. Susana de Noronha in Lisbon, Dr. Andrés Pascual in Barcelona and Dr. Ignacio Sanz in Madrid,  the attendees will follow a live-surgery by Dr. Juan Blanco and be trained on soft tissue augmentation around implants with the novel porcine acellular dermal matrix. Virtual participation in this hand-on workshop will also be possible to a limited number of participants. For this, participants will receive a work-shop kit to set-up their practices accordingly.

About Oral Reconstruction Foundation

The Oral Reconstruction Foundation is a foundation established by scientists under Swiss law. Its purpose is the sponsoring of research projects, of basic and applied research, as well as training and further education in the field of implant dentistry and related areas. Furthermore, it supports the promotion of scientific exchange between universities, practitioners and the industry in the field of implant dentistry and related areas. Clinical research and teaching are focal points, in particular for the benefit of patients. The support of young talents is a central interest of the Oral Reconstruction Foundation.

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