STERILOG™ Corp. Announce Partnership with PATTERSON DENTAL Canada

PATTERSON DENTAL/DENTAIRE Canada is featuring STERILOG™ as part of its commitment to enhancing dental office environments and client satisfaction with value added innovations and products.

STERILOG™ is an innovative, touch screen based kiosk system that increases staff efficiency, reduces time spent and secures data previously recorded via handwritten sterilization package labeling and logging. Its dental team designed, patent-pending technology, is quick to learn and incorporate into any clinical setting, independent of equipment or other systems used.

Dental offices using STERILOG™ have demonstrated from two to twelve person-hours of staff savings per day, translating to between hundreds to several thousands of actual dollars saved per year.

STERILOG™ has proven its reliability in real clinical settings of two to fifteen operatories for close to two years. It has been the sole system used by these offices for labeling reprocessing packages, recording chemical and biological indicators, logging this data and the certification of the packages based on indicator results. Paper logs have been eliminated for these users. Side benefits are increased security, sterility with greatly reduced staff and owner stress, all at an actual cost saving over the manual systems generally employed by offices to be compliant with regulations.

STERILOG™ will continue to provide innovative enhancements and upgrades to its customers on an ongoing basis. Customer and sales support will continue to be a key factor in this partnership, increasing value and efficiency for PATTERSON’s clients. Please visit the STERILOG™ website at for further information about the system, various applications and demonstrations.