TempStars CEO Shares Insights on Podcast About How Company Has Helped Dental Professionals Become Entrepreneurs


The story of TempStars, North America’s largest and most respected dental temping and hiring service, is well known among thousands of dental offices, which have embraced its technology and its promise of providing a steady stream of reliable hygienists and dental assistants on a temporary employment basis.

But what sometimes gets missed along the way is the work the company does for the hygienists and dental assistants who trust and rely on TempStars. In fact, TempStars recently revealed that it has delivered more than $12 million in earnings to hygienists and dental assistants in North America since it was founded in 2015.

The company also helps such dental professionals in other ways.

In fact, TempStars CEO and Founder Dr. James Younger served as a guest on September 7 on a popular podcast called “Just DeW it”, hosted by Anne Duffy, RDH to discuss another way in which the company helps these professionals.

Specifically, Dr. Younger discussed how TempStars “helps entrepreneurial dental professionals bridge the gap between full time work and building innovative ideas, ‘side hustles’ entrepreneurial dreams.”

The interview can be heard here.

“We help future entrepreneurs maintain a steady income stream through temporary employment, so that they can successfully launch the business,” said Dr. Younger. “As someone who successfully started how own business, being a catalyst for those entrepreneurial dreams is very important to me, and something we as a team are very proud of.”

About TempStars

TempStars is North America’s fastest-growing dental temping and hiring service. Since 2015, the company continues to build on cutting-edge mobile technology to directly connect dental professionals quickly and easily. With more than 16,000 dental professional members serving over 6,000 dental offices (and growing daily!), TempStars is quickly becoming the best, first, and default choice for dental professionals looking to hire and get hired for temping and permanent positions. By expanding service in the United States this year, TempStars is showing it is dedicated to inspiring and making a positive impact in the dental community on a global scale.