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Toronto Medical Clinic Starts Preventive Oral Health Services For Its Diabetic Patient

July 11, 2019
by Prevora

A group family medical practice in downtown Toronto is offering a new oral health service for its patients who have type 2 diabetes, which prevents oral inflammation and dental decay.  Poor oral health is a medical condition which results from an imbalance of bacteria in the dental plaque, and has been linked to unstable or increased severity of diabetes.  A recent controlled study in the prestigious medical journal, The Lancet, reports that HbA1C levels, which when elevated indicate poor control of blood sugar, can be lowered by 10% when oral inflammation is reduced.  Likewise, systemic inflammation drops with improved health of the gums.

“Many diabetics have other health issues, including gum disease and cavities” said Dr. David Engelberg, physician at the MCI The Doctor’s Office Royal Bank Plaza clinic in Toronto. “So our medical team partnered with a group of independent hygienists to set up an oral health consultation and prevention program for our diabetic patients. And from all accounts, our diabetic patients very much appreciate this integration of medical and oral health services. Not only do we expect to see improvements in their diabetes, but also important improvements in their oral health thereby making them much more comfortable!”

This new preventive medical service involves educating the patient about their current and future oral health, with particular attention to inflamed gums.  To reduce oral inflammation, a dental hygienist applies a topical antiseptic solution to the gum line and to the teeth. This procedure is painless, very safe and very effective over years, and very convenient since it is available at the medical clinic.

“We can quickly reduce this inflammation without pain, during a regular trip to the doctor, and with minimal cost. It’s no surprise the patients strongly support this care” said Julie DiNardo, registered dental hygienist.

The topical antiseptic solution is Prevora, approved by Health Canada for reducing decay along the gum line, a critical part of oral inflammation and poor oral health in adults. Prevora was developed at the University of Toronto and is marketed by Canadian pharmaceutical company CHX Technologies.