University of Pretoria Installs Dentsply Sirona’s Technologies

In January 2018, the University of Pretoria and Dentsply Sirona completed an ambitious renovation project. In just four weeks, Dentsply Sirona equipped two levels of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Prinshof Campus, School of Dentistry with its technologies – in particular 22 Intego treatment centers.

The University of Pretoria (South Africa) has chosen Dentsply Sirona’s technologies for its ambitious renovation project. The School of Dentistry of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Prinshof Campus, has already used Dentsply Sirona’s CAD/CAM technologies and imaging systems. Now Dentsply Sirona installed 22 Intego treatment centers and additional equipment on two levels: On level 02 in the Department of Maxillo-Facial and Oral Surgery as well as on level 03 in the Department of Prosthodontics.

Renovation while running operations
The requirements for the comprehensive renovation project were ambitious. “Our hospital could not stop operations. So, we had to fit all patients in on the available floors. Any delay would thus not only have affected the students who started in February, but also the patients”, explained Professor AJ Ligthelm, CEO and Chairperson of the School of Dentistry. Besides the treatment centers Dentsply Sirona equipped also the sterilizing rooms and the joinery on the two levels. In the Department of Prosthodontics Dentsply Sirona installed also third party equipment for the clinical lab.

Ready to use in just four weeks
Dentsply Sirona completed the renovation in very short time. Andy Cyprianos, Commercial Director Dentsply Sirona South Africa, describes the challenge: “We were dependent on other contractors to be finished before we could start. Therefore, we had to cope with a very short time frame to complete our installations by the end of January 2018”.

Intego and more – new equipment for students
In the Department of Maxillo-Facial and Oral Surgery Dentsply Sirona set up six operatories and in the Department of Prosthodontics in total 16 cubicles.

The renovation works in the Department of Prosthodontics were even more extensive. Dentsply Sirona equipped cubicles for the staff and for the students:

In the department’s clinical lab, Dentsply Sirona put in third party equipment such as polishing lathes, micromotors and extraction units. In the Department of Prosthodontics, third party suppliers contributed also cleaning devices such as instrument washers.