Virginia Beach Dentists Suspended for Alleged Drug Activity in Exchange for Dental Work

Two Virginia Beach dentists have been forced to close up shop after the VA Board of Dentistry suspended their license to legally do dental work.

According to the summary of suspension, made public on the board of dentistry website, Dr. Gary Hartman is accused of having prescribed more than 46,000 hydrocodone pills, more than 20,000 Soma pills and nearly 8,000 Oxycodone pills, as well as Vicodin, Tramadol, sleeping pills and anxiety medications, to patients who either had not been seen or did not need the excessive amount they were prescribed.

The prescriptions themselves were not the alarming part for the DEA, the agency investigating claims of misuse: it was the number of pills written to people who agents report did not have appointments or ailments to fit the medication prescribed.

In portions of the report, the DEA found Hartman exchanged dental work for patients willing to be drug mules. Patients told the DEA in interviews that Hartman would fix their teeth or treat them without insurance, but in exchange they would have to fill a prescription he wrote and hand off the pills.

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