A comprehensive one-day education on lasers in dentistry

Who Should Attend
General and specialist dentists who have heard about laser dentistry’s potential to provide a more comfortable patient experience, expand treatment options, deliver new procedures to patients, or differentiate a practice, but who are unsure how lasers would impact their practice. Any dental professional seeking a convenient but comprehensive learning experience in the technology, clinical applications, and economics of laser-assisted dentistry. Current laser owners seeking a refresher or looking to upgrade their technology.

Event Details
May 10, 2013 8:30am – 4:30 pm

Featured Speaker: Dr. Howard Golan

Course Objectives:

Laser Technology

Provide a complete overview of the different types of lasers and wavelengths used in dentistry • Help you understand which laser is right for each type of dental procedure and practice, and for your practice in particular

Practice Integration
Explain successful strategies for the effective implementation of lasers into a practice, with special emphasis on the first 90 days with a laser • Learn first hand from dentists who have been through the experience of learning to operate the laser, being trained in its clinical applications, and differentiating themselves as laser dentists

Clinical Applications
Compare and contrast conventional & laser-assisted dental treatment in meeting the challenges of everyday dental practice • Focus on unique solutions that laser-assisted dentistry provides in the treatment of asymmetric gingival architecture, subgingival class V caries, failed composite restoration due to micro leakage, single fractured teeth, and biologic width violation

Hands-on Laser Lab
Evaluate what using a laser will really be like, under the guidance of trained clinicians • “Test drive” the most advanced all tissue laser using hard and soft tissue samples, experimenting with different laser settings

Live Patient Treatments*
Learn how to introduce laser dentistry to anxious or fearful patients to perform painless, anesthetic-free dentistry**

• Observe live patient treatments by experienced laser dentists Interact with clinicians and patients before, during, and after procedures

*May not be available at some course locations.

**Because each patient’s perception of discomfort during treatment is based on individual sensitivity to pain, treatment history, and the procedure being performed, not all patients can be treated without anesthetic. However, dentists using WaterLase to perform typical cavity preparations report not using anesthetic in the majority of cases.

Luigi Reale – Laser Specialist
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Email: lreale@biolase.net

Tim Bansal – Laser Specialist
Cell: (647) 892-6767
Email: tbansal@biolase.net

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