Dental Marketing Conference Presents New Ideas in Marketing for 2016

On February 26, 2016, Toronto – Dentists got an up-close look at the newest marketing topics, tools and techniques at the Dental Marketing Conference in Toronto last week. The conference was held at the University of Toronto’s Bahen Centre for Information Technology. Guest speakers fascinated the sold-out crowd of 130 attendees with innovative ways to bring in more patients and improve a dentistry business.

Jack Hadley, co-founder of My Social Practice and teacher of an MBA Social Media Marketing class at Brigham Young University, delivered a riveting keynote address. Hadley’s speech covered the importance of social media as well as the proper way clinics should use social media to market their dentistry businesses. creator Sharky Liu, a speaker and sponsor of the event, said of the keynote speech “Jack Hadley was a phenomenal speaker. Everyone loved his sense of humor and enjoyed learning from a true master of social media.”

Sharky Liu opened the conference with an introduction of the speakers and topics to be discussed. During the morning of the event, speakers presented marketing basics. Other early topics included discussions on how to motivate patients to book and how to improve new patient booking flow to increase the number of clients coming to the clinic for dental checkups and procedures.

A dental economic report informed attendees about amounts other clinics are investing in dental marketing for their practices. Following the report, attendees had a chance to learn how to effectively use in-clinic educational videos to increase case acceptance. Jack Hadley took the podium in the T

The Dental Marketing Conference finished up with a panel discussion on internal marketing methods to use within clinics. After the panel discussion, speakers answered difficult questions posed by the attendees based on what they had heard at the conference and how it related to their own practices.

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