Digital impression portal renamed “Sirona Connect”

Launched under the name “CEREC Connect” in 2009, Sirona’s innovative digital impression portal has revolutionized

collaboration between dental practices and laboratories. Dentists and dental technicians are now in a position to exchange data quickly and conveniently via the Internet. With immediate effect this service will now be called “Sirona Connect” and is accessible via a new address: The new name underlines the fact that this digital solution is aimed at dentists and dental technicians. Following its relocation to a new high-performance server, Sirona Connect will be ideally equipped to cope with rapidly increasing user numbers and data volumes.

Easy operation thanks to the coordinated user interface designs
The user interfaces of the portal and the software now feature a coordinated design. The portal interface is fully integrated and appears as a transparent overlay on top of the software. The dentist and dental technician can switch simply and directly between the software and portal interfaces. The Sirona Connect portal is compatible with all existing versions of CEREC Connect and inLab software and adapts automatically in each case. This means that the customer always views the portal in the familiar design of his current software version.

Customers who use CEREC Connect V3.83 or 4.0 and laboratories using V 3.8x must install a special file which automatically converts the portal link. Users will be informed about this procedure by e-mail. All new software versions will include the new portal link as standard.

Extended possibilities supported by the new software version
The relocation to the new server will coincide with the release of the new CEREC Connect 4.1 software, which can be downloaded free of charge from as from 1 April. The new software supports an extended range of functions. For instance, the dentist can scan preparations in the upper and lower jaw and send the data as a single package to the laboratory. The dental technician can download the case data in one single operation and then design the restorations in parallel using the new inLab 4.0 software. If required, the technician can order an SLA model containing all the preparations in the upper and lower jaws.

Copy function and reference scans streamline the design process
CEREC Connect 4.1 is currently the only software on the market that supports the acquisition and integration of additional scans. For example, the dentist has the option of capturing wax-ups, long-term temporaries, as well as the occlusal surfaces prior to the preparation. The dental technician can then incorporate this data into his design – e.g. by copying and pasting portions of the original tooth into the new restoration.

Even faster data transmission
The new portal and software speeds-up data communication between the dentist and the dental technician. Transmission of the impression data commences while the dentist is filling in the digital order form. This enhances one of the key benefits of Sirona’s digital impression service – i.e. immediate feedback from the technician to the dentist.

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