FDI and DRNA join forces to resolve dental amalgam waste issues

FDI, the voice of worldwide dentistry, and DRNA, the leading waste management company solely dedicated to servicing the dental profession in North America, have agreed to collaborate on new international initiatives in line with the upcoming global, legally-binding treaty to prevent mercury emissions and releases, the Minamata Convention*.

DRNA has created a new venture for all of its activities outside of the North American market, called DRI, Inc. (Dental Recycling International). DRI will be the corporate partner with FDI on a range of waste management initiatives aimed at reducing mercury discharges from the dental profession.

The first of these efforts is a pilot project developed by United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) and World Health Organization (WHO),to install amalgam separators in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. The second part of this pilot project is to oversee that the collected wastes are disposed of in an environmentally sound manner. In addition to providing technology and recycling for this pilot project in Africa, DRI will avail itself of all the experience of DRNA in the North American market to bring the best in waste management practices to those serving in both public and private sector dental clinics around the globe.

Early March, FDI organized a workshop for dental professionals in the participating countries in charge of installing the devices and training local dentists on best management practice when using dental amalgam. The mid-term intention is to develop local expertise in amalgam waste management and recycling of mercury.

“We see our model of education, technology and recycling as the best solution for the dental profession as it goes about complying with the upcoming Minamata Convention and becoming excellent stewards of the environment. We are extremely excited about partnering with the FDI as we work to reach out to numerous elements in the dental profession on a global basis”, say DRNA/DRI’s President and CEO, Marc M. Sussman.

“During treaty negotiations, FDI advocated a reduction in the use of dental amalgam—versus a ban—through a greater focus on dental prevention and health promotion, increased research and development on alternatives, and best management techniques for amalgam waste. This exciting new partnership with DRI means FDI is already respecting its treaty commitments on the use of best management practice,” says FDI President Dr Orlando Monteiro da Silva.

*The Minamata Convention on Mercury—agreed by governments worldwide in January 2013 and named after a city in Japan where serious health damage occurred as a result of mercury pollution in the mid-20th Century—provides controls and reductions across a range of products, processes and industries where mercury is used, released or emitted.

For further information on the FDI – DRNA/DRI corporate partnership please contact:

FDI: Christopher Simpson, Communications Manager / csimpson@fdiworldental.org / call +41 22 560 8134 / fax +41 22 560 8140
DRNA/DRI: Crystal Ali / CAli@drna.com / +1 800 360 1001 extension 15