Gaming Toothbrush Saves Kids’ Teeth

Grush (Game-brush) Visualizes Tooth Brushing and Makes It a Fun Game for Kids

Tooth brushing is often viewed by children as an unpleasant chore.  Parents have to spend a lot of time supervising their child’s brushing. There is a ‘battle in the bathroom’ over daily tooth brushing. Grush, Inc. has solved this problem by launching the connected gaming toothbrush to transform boring tooth brushing into a fun game for kids. April 3rd, Grush launched their crowdfunding campaign for the Grush Brush with the mission to help kids around the world to improve their dental health. People can pre-order the Grush Brush and interactive games from their Indiegogo campaign.

The Grush Brush includes advanced motion sensing technology that detects precise movements during brushing and then transmits this information wirelessly to a smartphone running an interactive and instructive brushing game for kids.  The brushing result, or “Grush factor,” from the game is synced with a dashboard app on the parent’s mobile device so the parent can reward their child for proper brushing habits.

Detailed brushing information is also stored in the Grush Cloud for dentists who want to evaluate their patient’s brushing habits between visits.

The two founders of Grush are both fathers of young boys who recognized the need to end the struggle between parents and kids at brushing time.

Dr. Yong-Jing Wang was in for a big surprise when his oldest son started to develop cavities. “I hadn’t paid attention to his brushing until our dentist discovered my son’s first cavity. We spent almost $2,000 dollars in dental bills,” said Dr. Wang.

“We always had trouble getting our kids to brush their teeth. We created Grush to change the dynamic from push to pull, with kids actively seeking to improve their brushing scores. Grush is going to help kids around the world learn healthy brushing habits for life, and it’s going to be a big stress reliever for parents” enthused Ethan Daniel Schur, Co-Founder of Grush.

“This is exactly what kids need to keep them motivated to follow home care recommendations. I am very excited about what this means for the future dental health of my young patients,” explained Dr. Purva Merchant, Pediatric Dentist BDS, MSD, and ABPD Fellow American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.

At launch, Grush will have a range of fun and engaging brushing games for both boys and girls. The games range from ‘Monster Chase’ where kids can brush away monsters hiding in the teeth, to ‘Toothy Orchestra’ in which the toothbrush transforms into a conductor’s wand, controlling a fun symphony. Grush has partnered with Threadbare Games, a top mobile game development studio, to produce the first round of Grush Games.

Grush comes with a universal and secure cellphone holder for the bathroom mirror. Parents can recycle their used cellphones for use with Grush. Go Grush and Go Green!

Loving parents and technology enthusiasts can pre-order the Grush and support the campaign by visiting or by visiting the Grush homepage at

About Grush, Inc.:
Grush, Inc. is a San Francisco based corporation that develops and markets the Grush Brush and Games.  It is devoted to promoting proper dental hygiene habits for kids. Grush is a member of the Wearable World startup accelerator and has won several awards for its groundbreaking technology.