KISS frontman Paul Stanley throws first pitch for Blue Jays against Dodgers with AboutFace kids

AboutFace, a not for profit which aids individuals with facial differences, has revealed today that its celebrity ambassador and KISS frontman Paul Stanley will throw the first pitch for Blue Jays against the Dodgers in tonight’s game together with children from AboutFace.

KISS, who is playing in the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto on 26th July 2013, will be associating itself with the AboutFace cause by donating $10,000 to the charity. Paul Stanley has been a spokesperson for the Canadian-based AboutFace organization since 2000. In this role, Stanley has met and spoke with both parents and children about his own personal experience with the birth defect known as Microtia, a deformity of the outer ear, and the additional loss of hearing in his right ear. Stanley is the narrator of the AboutFace education program, ‘Facing Differences’, which teaches children aged seven to  12 how to understand and embrace those with physical differences.

“Paul has been one of the most generous ambassadors for us and has really given our kids and their parents the strength and confidence to embrace their differences and achieve their goals. He presents a really inspiring story and that’s exactly why I approached him to be our ambassador. Our kids are so excited to stand up today with their idol at the Blue Jays game and hit against the Dodgers – it should make for a good start to a great game,” commented Anna Pileggi, Executive Director at AboutFace.

Tickets for this week’s KISS concert in Toronto are available through Ticket Master.

About AboutFace
AboutFace is a charitable organization dedicated to helping individuals with facial differences to experience personal enrichment and growth. Founded in 1985, AboutFace has since grown to be a widely respected organization serving affected individuals at every life stage.

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