Nobel Biocare Signs Partnership Agreement with Noritake

Nobel Biocare signs partnership agreement with Noritake

Nobel Biocare announced today that it has signed a preferred partnership agreement with the Japanese company Noritake Dental Supply Co., Limited, a leading supplier of restorative and prosthetic materials for dentists and dental technicians. This agreement with Noritake marks the company’s third alliance under its recently established Preferred Partner Program, following two earlier agreements with Ivoclar Vivadent and VITA Zahnfabrik. The collaboration with Noritake enables Nobel Biocare to offer superior end-to-end prosthetic solutions by combining its leading competencies in CAD/CAM dentistry with Noritake’s outstanding expertise in dental ceramics, veneering and framework materials. The partnership also includes the development of new materials, joint educational and training programs and commercial activities.

The preferred partnership agreement signed with Noritake, a market leader in restorative and prosthetic materials for dentists and dental technicians, will supplement Nobel Biocare’s portfolio. The collaboration with Noritake will complement Nobel Biocare’s recent launch of a new scanner, software, broad range of new prosthetic products and materials, and strengthen the company’s position as the partner of choice in dentistry.

 Domenico Scala, CEO of Nobel Biocare: “Noritake is the perfect addition to our recently established Preferred Partner Program. With Noritake, Ivoclar Vivadent and VITA, this strong group of partners comprises the world’s leading material suppliers in all key geographical regions. These partnerships help to leverage our NobelProcera product line and strengthen our position as the innovator and leader in CAD/CAM dentistry. Customers and patients benefit from fully compatible solutions that lead to even better treatment processes and final restorative results.”

 “We are extremely pleased to announce this partnership with Nobel Biocare,” said Mr. Yoshiharu Ogawa, president of Noritake Dental Supply Co., Limited. “The agreement demonstrates our on-going commitment to providing the most reliable and the best esthetic restorations to dental professionals and their patients across the globe.”






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