Orascoptic’s Freedom LED Headlight Wins Prestigious Medical Design Award

In the spirit of superior visualization, Orascoptic is proud to announce the new Freedom cordless LED headlight (developed with Product Development firm Bjorksten | bit 7), has won the 2011 Medical Design Excellence Award (MDEA). MDEA is the premier awards program for the medical technology community.

“We attribute this award to our company strategy of leveraging open innovation for product development by combining internal talent with that of expert partners like Bjorksten | bit 7,” says Ruth Barry, the R&D Manager for Orascoptic. “The Freedom is the perfect marriage of what our customers need and what today’s technology can provide.” Jim Frater, Bjorksten | bit 7 President , echoes this sentiment, “We are excited to be recognized. Our team of product designers worked closely with Orascoptic to develop a vastly improved LED headlamp that dramatically helps dentists view and treat patients’ dental work.”

The Freedom is the first LED headlight to utilize lightweight battery pods that connect to the temple arms of a loupe, rather than heavy belt-packs employed by traditional LED systems. By moving power to the loupe itself, the Freedom system eliminates the issue with long dangling electrical cords that are prone to getting caught on chairs, doorknobs, and cabinets in the dental office. This is a major unmet need for clinicians.

To learn more about the award winning Orascoptic Freedom cordless LED headlight, visit www.orascoptic.com or call 800.369.3698.

About Orascoptic
A business unit within Sybron Dental Specialties, Orascoptic uses proven optical expertise, industry-leading knowledge, innovation, and leading edge technology to design and manufacture loupes and lighting systems that improve clinical outcomes for dental and medical professionals. To learn more, visit the Orascoptic website at www.orascoptic.com