National Dental Check-Up Grades both Patients and Practitioners, Canada’s innovative online matchmaker for patients and healthcare providers is ‘drilling down’ to create a comprehensive province by province pulse check of the dental discipline. For patients, the company is conducting the National Patients’ Choice Awards rankings of the top 30 dentists in each major market. At the same time, created the National Dental Check-up poll, based on the perplexing questions that dentists would like to pose to patients (but are too polite to ask.)

Setting a national benchmark with Canada’s largest city, today proudly posted their Patients’ Choice Award Rankings of the Top 30 Toronto Dentists. The company asks Canadians from coast to coast to cheer or jeer for their local dentist’s dentist data page. Nominations open today and will remain open until Halloween, October 31st. All dental data will be used to help rank the top 30 dentists in every major market across the country. National Dental Check-up Poll Results are Available on (follow the link for full results)
Inspired by the questions of dental professionals, the National Dental Check-up Poll debunked many ‘dental deceptions’ including:

1) Dr. Nalia Ladha (Dawson Dental Centre)
“How much do our patients lie to us about flossing and brushing?”

National Trend: Canadians are ‘almost honest’.*

When asked if they lie to their dentist about how often they really brush and floss 68.1% of Canadians said no.

Regional Results:

      Prairie Residents give the straight dope to their dentists with 76.6% reporting they tell no lies

      Ontario keeps it real with 66.9% honesty.

      Atlantic Canadians may have a lot of cavities but 62.6% are honest about it.

      62.2% of Quebecerssay ‘non’ to fictitious flossing.

Additional insights:
The higher the income, the higher the percentage of lies to dentists. Canadians making $25,000-$50,000 annually are nearly twice as honest with their dentists than Canadians reporting a salary of $150,000+ a year.

*Of course, it’s possible that they are all lying. 2) Dr. Hammad Afif(Waterview Dental)
“Do our patients see us as people or practitioners?”
National Trend: It doesn’t matter … unless your patient is a man.

When asked if it matters if their dentist is attractive, more than twice as many men (35.5%) found attractiveness to be a desirable dentist trait, while it didn’t matter to the majori
ty (83.3%) of women. Nationally, 73.8% of Canadians said attractiveness didn’t matter  ‘at all.’

Regional Rankings:

       6.9% of Ontarians demanded that their dentists be attractive.

       3.2% of Prairie residents felt it was ‘extremely’ important.

       31.2% of BC Residents thought attractive dentists were very (5.5%) or somewhat (25.7%) important.

       Atlantic Canadians scored the least superficial with 75.1% saying ‘Not at all.”

3) Dr. Natalie Archer (Rosedale Family Dental)

“Who has the most cavities in Canada?”

National Trend: It turns out the great white north has great white teeth.
When asked how many fillings they have, a surprisingly high 42.2% of Canadians responded that they have none.

Regional Rankings:

      Atlantic Canadians may have the most oral anxiety with 11.9% reporting a shocking 11 or more cavities!

      Surprisingly, BC was just behind Atlantic Canada, ’filling’ blue with 10.5% reporting 11 or more cavities.

      Ontarians came clean about dental decay with 62.6% reporting 2 cavities or less.

      The Prairies played it best with 56.3% reporting only 2 cavities or less

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About the National Dental Check-up Poll
Polls were conducted during September 2014 by Google Surveys and received an average of 1000 responses. Full poll results are posted on Opencare. Starting with Toronto, the top 30 dentists in each major Canadian market are being ranked through a combination of factors including online patient reviews, years of experience, and a proprietary algorithm developed by Dr. Ivan Medovikov, an Economics professor with Brock University.