Prime Minister Stephen Harper Meets With QDT and The Canary System

Quantum Dental Technologies (QDT) was at its manufacturing facilities, Institut National d’Optique (INO) in Quebec City, Quebec, yesterday to meet with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Dr. Stephen Abrams (President and Co-Founder) and Dr. Josh Silvertown (Chief Operating Officer) of QDT attended INO’s 25th anniversary in serving Canadian technology companies. Along with the Prime Minister, Canadian government officials, and INO staff, The Canary System was celebrated as a technological advancement in optics, photonics, and healthcare.

Dr. Abrams gave Prime Minister Harper a bench-top demonstration of The Canary System and explained the history, science and innovations behind this dental technology. QDT was INO’s first client in Ontario. “We worked closely with INO during the product development stage to ensure that our device was practical for dental offices and met rigorous quality and regulatory standards. INO’s engineers and scientists are fantastic to work with and their involvement ensures that The Canary System is manufactured to the highest standard”, says Dr. Silvertown.

“Our meeting with the Prime Minister was very exciting”, said Dr. Abrams. “We had an opportunity to share our innovative technology with the Prime Minister and explain the impact it is having in providing optimal oral health care for children and adults in Canada”.

The Canary System is a low-powered laser-based device that uses a novel combination of heat and light to directly examine the crystal structure of teeth. The Canary System can detect, map and monitor carious lesions on any tooth surface, including interproximal surfaces, as small as 50 microns and up to 5 mm deep, earlier and more accurately than other existing modalities. The system detects cracks, decay under sealants and around and beneath the intact margins of dental restorations.

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