Sirona’s international success: Russian clinic buys the 40,000th C8+ treatment center

Products “Made in Germany” have long been sought after around the world. This is also reflected in the international sales figures for the Sirona C8+. The treatment center combines high quality with timeless design. 

The 40,000th C8+ dental center recently rolled off the production line at Sirona in Bensheim, the world’s largest production site in the dental industry – making this unit, which was designed for the global market, even more successful than the classic M1. The milestone unit and three other C8+ centers were purchased by the Kremlyovskaya Stomatologia dental clinic in Ryazan, Russia. “We have had very good experience with Sirona equipment. The company’s treatment centers are of a very high quality and are known for their reliability, long functional life, and support features for ergonomic patient positioning that prevent back strain while working,” said clinic director Andrey Archipenko, explaining his decision. “Made in Germany” is always a key quality factor around the world – especially in Eastern European, Latin American, Asian, and Arabian markets. The 30,000th C8+ treatment center was sold to a buyer in China in 2011.

Easy operation and timeless design
Because of the wide range of possible applications, the C8+ units can be found in practices, clinics, and universities in over 100 countries. The sturdy construction and intuitive operation make them ideally suited for ongoing use in clinical practice routine as well as for teaching. In addition to its top quality, the timeless design of the C8+ gives it the high-end look. Users can choose between various finishes and three color schemes for the upholstery – elegant, natural, and active. Director Archipenko chose a premium decor in trendy orchid that blends seamlessly into his newly refurbished clinic. You can use the online C+ configurator to determine which color scheme best matches your facilities before purchasing. Dentists can design their treatment rooms virtually to get some initial assistance in selecting colors.

Optional features
Dentists can configure the C8+ individually depending on their personal preferences and local conditions. The range of  optional features has been continually adapted in response to technical developments and sets new trends. For example, optional features include a brushless motor (BL ISO C), LEDview treatment lamp, and an intraoral camera system. Dentists who want to provide their patients with an especially comfortable atmosphere can also have their C8+ treatment center equipped with the new lounge upholstery, which has a premium cushion design, a soft, elegant feel, and an attractive double-seam look.

Exemplary ergonomics
With its serial ErgoMotion system, Sirona also ensures patients’ comfort and gives the treatment team optimal access to the mouth. At the same time, the individual operating elements are arranged to allow the dentist to work without back strain. The many options, the outstanding workmanship, and the timeless design make the C8+ a treatment center that is still very popular today – 40,000 units sold – with dentists all around the world.

Image 1: Still popular around the world: Sirona has produced its 40,000th C8+ treatment center.

Image 2: Andrey Archipenko, Director of the Kremlyovskaya Stomatologia dental clinic in Ryazan, Russia, was given a certificate by Sirona when his milestone unit was delivered.

Sirona is the global market and technology leader in the dental industry and has been a worldwide partner for specialty dealers, dental practices, clinics, and dental laboratories for more than 130 years. Sirona develops and manufactures the full range of dental equipment products, including CAD/CAM systems for computerassisted ceramic restorations (CEREC), digital imaging systems for intraoral and panoramic x-rays as well as volume tomography (3D), treatment centers, instruments, and hygiene devices. The company has 3000 employees worldwide and has been listed on the NASDAQ since 2006 (symbol: SIRO). Sirona’s largest development and production site is in Bensheim, Germany.

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