Ten Years of SICAT – 3D Planning and Treatment Solutions

In November, SICAT, the specialist in dental 3D planning and treatment solutions, celebrated its tenth birthday – „a success story from conception to startup to a valuable member of the Sirona family,“ describes Stefan Hehn, Vice President of Imaging Systems at Sirona, at the anniversary reception.

The business idea had its origin in medicine. Jochen Kusch and Dr. Joachim Hey were working as engineers at Siemens, where they were responsible for developing and marketing the world‘s first 3D C-arm for navigated trauma and spinal surgery. They both had a 3D solution for the dental field in mind – and they found a partner in Sirona and the „Center for Advanced European Studies and Research“ in Bonn (caesar). „Our aim was to use imaging techniques to plan safe surgical procedures in the oral and maxillofacial region and with the help of templates, make it even more predictable,“ explains Kusch.

Fig. 1: The two managing directors Jochen Kusch and Dr. Joachim Hey  reminiscing about SICAT‘s 10-year success story during the anniversary reception.

Fig. 2: How everything began: Dr. Joachim Hey (rear) together with Werner Günther (Sirona) with an early prototype of GALILEOS.

For SICAT, the trend towards digitization of the dental industry confirms the original idea that the field of prosthetic design (CAD/CAM), as well as X-ray diagnostics and treatment planning are coming ever closer together and are already merging when it comes to software solutions. It‘s reality at CEREC, the system for computer-aided ceramic restorations. Continuing to advance integration of functions is the aim of managing directors Kusch and Hey. “We feel that our company, which started in 2004 with twelve employees and now has 100, is in a good position for this.”

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