The Canary System Gains 510 (k) Clearance from FDA

Quantum Dental Technologies (QDT) has just received its 510(k) clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for The Canary System™. The Canary System is now available for sale in the USA.

“There is no unit in the world that can do what The Canary System can do” announced Dr. Stephen Abrams, CEO and Co-Founder of QDT, developer and manufacturer of The Canary System. “With The Canary System, dentists can ’stop watching it’ and begin to detect and treat caries from the earliest lesion to frank cavitation with an accurate system.”

“We’ve been contacted by many dental professionals wanting to know when The Canary System would be available for sale, and we are ready to provide this innovative and reliable technology to dental offices across the USA,” said Dr. Josh Silvertown, Vice President of Corporate Development.

The Canary System is a low-powered laser-based tool for the detection of early tooth decay. Powered by the energy conversion technology of PTR-LUM, The Canary System uses a novel combination of heat and light to directly examine the crystal structure of teeth and map areas of tooth decay. The Canary System can detect, map and monitor carious lesions on any tooth surface, including interproximal lesions. The Canary System detects tooth decay along the margins of restorations, including amalgam and composite resins, beneath fissure sealants and around orthodontic brackets. It detects lesions earlier than x-rays up to 5 mm beneath the tooth surface. The Canary System’s interactive software, printed patient reports and intraoral camera engage patients in their own oral healthcare.

The Canary System is the product of over 12 years of research and development accounted by 55+ peer-reviewed journal articles, 6 patent families, and supported with two clinical trials.

The Canary System is available for sale in Canada through Sinclair Dental, Patterson Dental/Dentaire Canada, Henry Schein and K-Dental, in the European Union and now in the USA.

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