The Canary System Receives Industry Recognition as a Top Product For 2013

Quantum Dental Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce two awards it received recently for The Canary System® from leading dental publications. 

In November 2013, Dentistry Today selected The Canary System as one of the “Top 50 Dental Technology Products” in 2013.  In December, dentalcompare recognized The Canary System for being one of the “Top 10 New Dental Products of 2013.”

“We’re very pleased with this industry recognition,” says William Fitzpatrick, CEO of Quantum Dental Technologies. “Since The Canary System can detect the breakdown of crystal structure in teeth before it is discernible on an x-ray or visible to the naked eye, dental practitioners now have the perfect tool to aid in early intervention and minimally invasive treatment.”

Dr. Stephen Abrams, president of Quantum Dental Technologies, added – “In dental practices that have already purchased the unit, The Canary System has become an integral tool for the treatment of tooth decay as well as the cornerstone of their in-office preventive programs. Patients love the verbal and visual feedback they receive from the Canary, which in turn prompts them to become more involved in the management of their own oral health. The Canary System has moved dental diagnostics into the 21st century.”

About The Canary System:
The Canary System is a low-powered laser-based device that uses a novel combination of heat and light to directly examine the crystal structure of teeth. The Canary System can detect, map and monitor changes in the crystal structure of the tooth, including cracks and decay, earlier and more accurately than other existing modalities. For more information on The Canary System®, please visit: