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Toothbrush Harder To Build Than Mars Rover Part Is ‘Breakthrough’ In Dental Care, Hong Kong Inventor Says

July 5, 2019
by South China Morning Post

The Hong Kong inventor who created a space tool for a Mars rover has co-designed a “breakthrough” that he says can revolutionise toothbrushing.

Dr Ng Tze-chuen, honorary associate professor of the University of Hong Kong’s faculty of dentistry, and Jin Lijian, professor of periodontology, unveiled their NJ Toothbrush on Monday, which they said is the only brush in the world targeting all dental surfaces.

They have filed US and international patents and are in talks with toothbrush companies to market their invention.

Ng, a dentist by trade, found fame as the garage inventor who designed a pair of planetary rock grippers for the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Beagle 2 Mars lander.

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