Tri Hawk Gift Idea of Dental Burs Doubles Smiles

When asked to contribute, Tri Hawk once again responded with something special that no other company could, a supply of its top-shelf dental burs (in the past, called drills).  These burs permit the volunteer dentists to work more quickly, enabling them to help more patients per hour at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, Dec 7 – 8. 

In the past year, the CDA Foundation and CDA hosted three clinics that provided $4.4 million in care to 5,878 patients. Thanks to the generosity of volunteers. This weekend, the volunteers are ready to make many more smiles.

“What we contributed was better than money, because our gift makes it possible for the volunteer dental teams to see more patients,” said Gustel Fischer, Tri Hawk CEO. “We are happy to support the fine work of CDA Cares.”

Multiple direction cuts possible with the same bur Most dental burs cut well in one direction only.  The dentist normally must change burs several times to prepare a tooth for a filling.  Tri Hawk’s bur design gives the dentist the ability to cut in multiple directions, without changing the bur.

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About Tri Hawk
Tri Hawk designs and produces burs which set the standards for the industry.  These high-performance burs are preferred by bur connoisseurs.  The burs will permit cuts in multiple directions at high cutting rates, and have virtual immunity to breakage.  Blacked-out shafts give the users an excellent view of the cutting area, and the burs are individually packaged to guarantee cleanliness.

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