Tri Hawk International Opens Eastern Door to Asia

The Tri Hawk International Corporation team was welcomed to the FDI World Dental Congress held in Istanbul, Turkey with open arms for the annual meeting.  Over 200 attendees from neighboring countries purchased the premier burs (dental drills) at the August 28-31 meeting, in between technical sessions.

Some of the Turkish attendees returned to the booth the next day, after trying the product.  “Absolutely the best,” said a local dentist, as he lined up to buy more burs.  Tri Hawk attended the Congress to introduce these premium burs to dentists who had never seen them.  Over 9,000 burs changed hands at the meeting.  In the technical meetings, professors lectured the dentists about the advantages of using Tri Hawk burs, that can cut in multiple directions rather than in one, which most others do.

“Our burs allow dentists to treat more patients because they cut faster, and because one of our burs can do the work of three or four other burs,” said Gustel Fischer, Tri Hawk founder and CEO.  “This means that the dentists won’t have to waste time changing burs, and that means patients will be able to spend less time in the chair.”

The FDI Annual World Dental Congress is held at a different international location each year to inform and educate dentists worldwide.  Previous sites have been: Mexico City, Kuala Lumpur and Honk Kong.  Next year’s meeting will be in New Delhi,India with Bankok, Thailand next.

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About Tri Hawk
Tri Hawk designs and produces unique burs that set the standards for the dental industry.  These high-performance burs are preferred by discerning dentists, called “bur connoisseurs” by the company.  The burs cut in multiple directions to allow faster cutting times, and have virtual immunity to breakage.  Blacked-out shafts give the users an excellent view of the cutting area, and the burs are individually packaged to enhance user and patient safety.