Young lawyers bite into dental market

How do you bite into a saturated market? You talk to dentists. At least that’s the strategy two business lawyers are using to carve out a niche in the crowded Ontario legal market.

Michael Carabash and David Mayzel are not the two lawyers in Ontario who exclusively serve the legal business needs of dentists. It sounds bizarre, but their strategy works.

“We were kind of laughed at,” Mr. Carabash recalls of 2010, when he and Mr. Mayzel created DMC Law. Detractors said they wouldn’t find enough work if they focused on such a small market. “The funny thing is that we’re growing exponentially because of the amount of work that’s out there.”

Their firm was featured recently at

Michael Carabash is a contributor to Oral Health Office. Michael is a dental lawyer and holds a Certificate in Dental Practice Management.  He has his own dental law firm, DMC Law (, and can be reached at 647-680-9530 or