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September 10, 2011 News APPs

Air Techniques – Now Available for Free Download Through iTunes

by ken

It’s unending….. MELVILLE, N.Y., Sep 07, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) –Air Techniques, a manufacturing leader in dental equipment and digital imaging products for the dental industry has developed an app for iPhones and iPads. The app is available to everyone and

August 26, 2011 News ElearningYouTube

There’s one thing I’m certain of; return I will to old Brazil

by ken

Since 1998, I have been a member of a forum called ROOTS. It has provided me with daily collegial education ever since. Like any discussion forum, there is the usual coterie of egos, flaming and silliness. But, like anything where

August 12, 2011 News Restorative

How to place better composites…

by ken

From the AACD blog….. AACD member, Dr. Amanda Seay, presents a how-to piece in the current issue of Dental Products Report, “How to better place posterior composites” using Ivoclar Vivadent‘s Tetric EvoCeram to help solve premature polymerization problems. Read it online here: http://bit.ly/qKrOUi

July 26, 2011 News Practice management

Beyond Practice Management: Fear of change

by ken

Just another thing they never taught you in dental school… By Don Deems, DDS, FAGD from Dr. Bicuspid July 18, 2011 — Frank knew he needed to make a change. He just couldn’t do it. After all, what would happen if

June 21, 2011 News Dental ethicsGeneral NewsPractice management

Heart and Soul – above all else,to thine own self be true – a passion play

by ken

2011-12-12 14:37:53

February 18, 2011 News Dental Hygiene

Once again, sisters be doin’ it for themselves – the CDHA website rocks

by ken

Had a moment to check out the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association website. Not being a member, I was only able to “surf” the design et al, however, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Wiki – someone had their act together. Check this out

November 7, 2010 News Trends in Dental Education

Are you Mensa material? Or were you genetically wired to underperform as a dentist

by ken

Mensa is essentially an institutionalized way to brag about your I.Q. It’s like owning a Porsche in Toronto, the third most traffic congested city in N. America, but it looks great when you’re not moving on the Don Valley Parking Lot.

August 10, 2010 News Women in dentistry

Women in Dentistry – Profiles

by ken

This first of a series of entries will showcase those in our profession with XX chromosomes who are bringing new ideas and innovation to the practice of Dentistry: Shannon L. Pace, CDA a National and International Speaker and published author

August 5, 2010 News Endodontics

Shoutout for a Canadian Endude

by ken

Rob Kaufman is an endodontist in Winnipeg, Manitoba and a longtime member of the endodontic forum ROOTS.  Education is his passion and he has manifested his energy through his website EndoExperience which he administers personally.  For those who are interested in