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August 24, 2020 News NewsOral Health

Dental Delight: Perfectly Preserved 70,000 Year Old Tooth Found in France

by Yahoo News

Researchers unearthed a tooth estimated to be around 70,000 years old, at the archaeolocial site of Montmaurin, in Haute-Garonne, near the Spanish border. The incisor, believed to have belonged to a Neanderthal adult, was found in the Coupe-Gorge cave. The

November 18, 2019 News News

Human Tooth Jewelry Discovered At Neolithic Site In Turkey

by Forbes

Among the animal-tooth pendants and other jewelry discovered at the Neolithic site of Çatalhöyük in Turkey, three human teeth that appear to have been drilled have also just been recovered. Archaeologists were surprised by the find and set out to

November 13, 2019 News NewsOral Health

Chinese Man Finds Tooth That’s Grown In His Nose For Two Decades

by The Cold Lake Sun

One could say this Chinese man’s nose had plenty of bite. A 30-year-old man had to have a tooth removed from his nose after it had reportedly grown in his nostril for 20 years. According to Chinese television station Heilongjiang TV,

September 13, 2018 News News

Regrowing Dental Tissue With Stem Cells From Baby Teeth

by University of Pennsylvania, ScienceDaily

Sometimes kids trip and fall, and their teeth take the hit. Nearly half of children suffer some injury to a tooth during childhood. When that trauma affects an immature permanent tooth, it can hinder blood supply and root development, resulting

April 13, 2018 News News

Ontario Dental Surgeon Pulls Man’s Teeth Out “In Error”

by Jason Vermes, CBC Radio

Lee Schwaderer loves corn on the cob and singing with his church choir, but now he can’t enjoy either. When the 65-year-old Keswick, Ont., man went in for dental surgery three years ago, he says he woke up from anesthesia

February 28, 2018 News Dental HygieneNews

Fruity Teas Found to Cause Worn Tooth Enamel

by BBC News

Sipping acidic drinks such as fruit teas and flavoured water can wear away teeth and damage the enamel, an investigation by scientists has shown. The King’s College London team found that drinking them between meals and savouring them for too

June 5, 2017 Feature Dental CareOral SurgeryTooth decay

Teeth Displaced: Teeth at the Time of Surgery

by Lachlan McLean BSc, DMD; Jeffery Soparlo BSc, DDS; and Jerrold Armstrong, BSc, DDS, MSc, FRCD(C)

Abstract Inadvertent displacement of teeth or fragments of teeth beyond the tooth socket during extraction is an uncommon occurrence. In this paper, we present two cases of displacement of impacted third molars, one maxillary and one mandibular. We outline our

April 5, 2017 Feature Cosmetic / AestheticOral Health

Beyond the Teeth

by Jack D. Griffin Jr.

It’s easy for us dentists to minimize our own significance in overall patient health. We drill holes, we fill holes. We grind, we restore. We clean, we re-clean. Rewarding work but often becomes just routine for some of us. Instead

November 18, 2016 News DiseaseNewsOral HealthPublic Health

E-Cigarettes and Cigarettes are Equally Damaging to Oral Health

by News-Medical

A University of Rochester Medical Center study suggests that electronic cigarettes are as equally damaging to gums and teeth as conventional cigarettes. The study, published in Oncotarget, was led by Irfan Rahman, Ph.D. professor of Environmental Medicine at the UR

October 26, 2016 News DentalDentistryNewsOral Health

Ancestral Human Diets Being Revealed Through Teeth Examination

by Erin Ross, NPR

When scientists want to know what our ancient ancestors ate, they can look at a few things: fossilized animal bones with marks from tools used to butcher and cut them; fossilized poop; and teeth. The first two can tell us

October 3, 2016 Product Spotlight

Hu-Friedy Expands EverEdge 2.0 Line with Sickle Scaler Designs

by Oral Health

Hu-Friedy, a global leader in the manufacturing of dental instruments and products, today announced the addition of the Sickle Scaler designs to its line of EverEdge 2.0 hand instruments designed to help clinicians achieve the best clinical outcomes. Leveraging decades

September 13, 2016 Feature Cosmetic / AestheticDental CareOral SurgeryOrthodontics

Resolving Colour and Crowding

by Tyler Wynne, DDS

Introduction For some of our patients, esthetics is not a chief concern as lip posture accommodation has enabled them to hide their smile. A precipitating event, such as an accident resulting in dental trauma or critical comment from a stranger

August 30, 2016 News DentalNewsOral Health

Ancient Teeth Reveal True Diets of 8,600 Year Old Communities

by Erica Tennenhouse, The Science Explorer

Thanks to nine ancient men and women with poor oral hygiene, researchers have determined that foragers in the Balkans 8,600 years ago were cheating on their wild diets by supplementing them with domesticated cereals. A look at the starch remains

December 2, 2011 News Decay assessment and preventionDental equipmentDental ethicsEvidence based dentistryInnovations in dentistryMarketing strategiesMinimally invasive dentistry

A Closer Look at Teeth May Mean More Fillings

by ken

By Ritchie S. King – the New York Times – November 28, 2011 Until 2010, Amelia Nuwer, 22, visited the same dentist every year in Biloxi, Miss., her hometown. And every year she came back with a clean bill of

August 27, 2011 News Decay assessment and prevention

Drill, fill and bill…..not so fast! Hold the drill

by ken

From Dental Tribune – don’t mind the background colour – Word Press is coming…..soon, I hope…….really I do. LEEDS, UK: The thought of the dentist’s drill puts many people off visiting their dentist,even if they only need a check-up and

August 13, 2011 News Cosmetic DentistryMarketing strategies

You copy genius!!! Top Dentists in Newport Beach Seek Patients for Front Teeth Treatments, Dental Studies

by ken

Dog needed a walk, I did too by default…..chanced upon this as I waited for her to do her business, which apparently allowed me to do mine. Leading Newport Beach Cosmetic Dentists at Aesthetic Dental Designs(R) are Seeking Participants for

August 2, 2011 News General News

In this dire economy, even the Tooth Fairy is pinching pennies

by ken

By Saeed Ahmed – CNN Getting the Tooth Fairy to pony up in this sagging economy has been like pulling teeth. A recent survey found that the national going rate has seen a 40-cent decline this year: From $3 to $2.60. What’s

June 2, 2011 News Decay assessment and preventionInnovations in dentistryMinimally invasive dentistry

New process may remineralize teeth in minutes, not days

by ken

From Dr.Bicuspid – Rob Gozkowski – Assistant Editor June 2, 2011 — A method of using calcium phosphate solutions to remineralize carious lesions in dentin using has had promising results in a recent study, dramatically decreasing the time needed for remineralization.

May 17, 2011 News Cosmetic DentistryTooth whitening

GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device Launches Nationwide At Sephora

by ken

I was in Sephora today picking up eyeliner and mascara for a Goth evening on the town – pause, 1, 2, 3……humour arh, arh…. GLO Science, LLC, introduces the GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device–available in Sephora stores nationwide and on Sephora.com–today,

March 30, 2011 News Implantology

When Is The Right Time To Place Dental Implants In Teenagers

by ken

Posted by Dr. Todd Welch on Mar 29, 2011 in Dental Implants (Tooth Implants) Email Sharebar This is an important question and the current wisdom is not to have implants placed until jaw and facial growth are complete. Although it